We are building a community dedicated to enhancing the human experience through physical health, mental wellness and life philosophy. 

Enhancing the individual and collective human experience.

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The problem: So many ideas that are integral to human flourishing aren't discussed in mainstream conversation. As a result, many of us feel like we don't have control over the day-to-day quality of our lives or just sometimes find it difficult to know what to do to grow and thrive. 

The solution: Empower individuals with the life-changing ideas, tools, resources, and practices that they need to improve their experience of life. The concepts we explore create real change in how we think, feel and act, providing us with more energy, greater mental clarity and ultimately lead us to live a more fulfilled life. 

Our framework for enhancing the human experience

Traditional approaches to wellness are isolated, attempting to improve one area of our lives while neglecting the rest. Everything we do is focused on the connection between how we feel (physical health), how we think (mental wellness), and ultimately, how we act and how we live our lives (life philosophy).

The key to driving real change in our day-to-day lives is creating positive feedback loops between these three areas. This synergy unlocks life-changing benefits for ourselves and the people around us.

How we do it

We bring these concepts to life for our community by turning evidence-based concepts from the fields of psychology, philosophy, and physiology into life-changing tools, experiences, and resources.

Interactive tools, workbooks, and thought exercises to help you thrive. These guides help you turn theory into action and action into results. They're everything you need to think, discuss, write and live your way to a more healthy and fulfilled life!

Practical tools

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We facilitate community-focused experiences that help people change their lives by investing in themselves (mentally & physically), developing a purpose-driven approach to life, and expanding the positive social influences in their life.

Community-based wellness experiences 

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Free content to help everyone learn how to live at their best.
We use the 80/20 principle to explore well-researched ideas and make these concepts super tangible. Everything we teach is delivered in a way that is highly actionable and effective for producing real change.

Educational content

A purpose driven approach

10% of the profit we make is distributed to the groups helping those who need it most.

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An Aussie suicide prevention charity inspiring people to meaningfully connect & support those struggling with life. 

R U Okay

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Youth mental health done differently. Run by young people, for young people.

180 Degrees

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Empowering boys to become great men by providing them and their communities with impactful programs, role models and resources.

The Man Cave

This way you are investing in others while investing in yourself.. a win-win right? 

Meet the team

We established Alive to empower people to improve their lives.

We are deeply passionate about improving the human condition and believe that there are certain ideas that are integral to living a fulfilled and meaningful life. These ideas are often ignored in the mainstream and as a result, large parts of our society are not living the lives they want to be, and many of us just feel "off" or low energy a lot of the time.
Mental health is reaching a point of crisis around the world as far too many individuals feel powerless to improve their current state. The world is so focused on technical and economic progress, none of this matters if we don’t have a strong foundation of health, happiness, and meaning in our lives.


We are inspired by the journey to build this foundation and find answers to life’s biggest questions. What makes our subjective reality the way it is? What is influencing the way we think, feel and act? And how do we gain autonomy over the quality of our life? We have found many answers, many teachers, and of course many new questions. One thing is for sure though, there are endless resources, habits, and practices that empower us with autonomy over our experience and allow us to get the most positive value out of our lives every day. Alive is building a community that ensures these concepts are accessible to everyone. 

We are obsessed with learning, applying, and teaching these life-changing ideas, and now we want to do this with you. 

- The team at Alive 

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Head of impact


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Issy Jackson

Head of community