Better By The Day

A book of 30 practical concepts from physiology, psychology, and philosophy to enhance your physical health, mental wellness, and the level of fulfillment and meaning in your life.


We believe there are three key ingredients to living a good life


Physical Health
Looking after your biological systems and understanding how to optimise your physiology


Mental Wellness
Taking care of your mental state and understanding how to optimise your psychology

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Life Philosophy 
Developing an approach to life that serves you and others best by exploring your personal philosophy

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To help you optimise all three areas, Better By The Day contains 10 tips, ideas, and practices for each

Simple & Practical
Each idea is been presented in a way that is actionable and easy to implement into your daily life

Effective & Impactful
Each concept been selected based on the massive potential it has to help you grow and thrive

Well Researched
Each concept has a grounding in science and we've only chosen those idea with proven tangible benefits



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