This page aims to build our collective knowledge by showcasing resources that may be useful for your personal journey. We have selected resources that are highly engaging to make your exploration into complex subjects interesting and rewarding.

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Jordan Peterson

Psychologist & Author

Analyses the psychology and philosophy of meaning in life. He is insanely well researched and all the information he presents is useful from the moment you hear it.


Sam Harris

Neuroscientist & Author

Runs a podcast called "Waking Up" that explores the 

neuroscience of consciousness  better than anyone. A great resource for learning about mindfulness.

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Tim Ferris 

Entrepreneur & Podcaster

Host of the Tim Ferris Podcast. His guests are top tier performers from all walks of life. Tim probes them with the goal of finding secrets to happiness and success.

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Joe Rogan

Podcaster & MMA Guru

Joe captivates a huge audience with by brining intellectual curiosity to bear on anything and everything alongside A list guests. A great way to learn and be entertained.



Non-Profit Organisation

The Global Wellness Institute. An unbelievable resource for research related to the traditional wellness industry, past, present and future.

Gary Vaynerchuck

Entrepreneur & Internet Personality

Motivational and practical content for anyone who wants to set up their own business or max out their performance at work.

Seth Godin

Marketing Expert & Author

Through his writing Seth exposes many elements of human nature that are essential to enjoying life, living at your best, and getting your story heard.

Tom Bilyeu

Co-Founder of Quest & Impact Theory

Amazing youtube channel where Tom unpacks the mindset of the successful, the healthy and the fulfilled. Emphasising the power of individuals to transform.


Academy of Ideas

Online Organisation

A website that aims to further the spread of knowledge through video lectures that examine ideas form great thinkers in philosophy, politics, sceince and the humanities.


James Cant 

Medical Scientist & Bodybuilding Coach 

James brings incredible knowledge about our physiology to light in a highly engaging and accessible manner. Showcasing a wholistic approach to optimal health. 


The School of Life

Global Organisation

A company that aims to provide people with the perspective and wisdom needed to face life's biggest challenges. Teaching self-reflection, emotional intelligence, relationship skills and much more, in an open and candid manner.

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Brene Brown

Professor & Author

Brene has spent the past two decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. She brings an amazing to perspective on conversations around confidence and  leaving comfort zones.


Ryan Holiday

Author & Entrepreneur

Ryan has an incredible amount to offer through his books and blogs. He considers his work to be "meditations on strategy and life". He brings a well informed and compelling  perspective on how we can work and live effectively.


Daniel Schmachtenberger

Modern philosopher & researcher

Daniel's work centres around designing a better civilisation, one that depends on cooperation and higher values. He also co-founded the Neurohacker Collective which focuses on human optimisation. 


Andrew Huberman


Andrew runs a lab at Stanford University which studies neuroplasticity, brain development and more. He endeavours to make the most important findings from brain science accessible to all.